Saturday, July 16, 2011

Round Robin Photo Challenge: Something Old Something New

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The theme for today's challenge was "Something Old, Something New".  I took this picture at a local, out-door, community market this's a place where local farmers sell  meat, veggies and milk, local artists sell jewelry and all manner of home-made crafts and down-home, earthy items.  This picture is a snap-shot of a modern day mother with her two daughters....and yet, if the picture were in black and white, if the people were wearing different styles of clothing, and if the child were not wearing a bike could have easily been taken back in the 50's.  I thought about making it a black and white picture...but I didn't want to lose the vibrant colors of the bikes, food truck and clothing....a little piece of modern day nostalgia.  Enjoy!

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  1. Good point - and I myself had a pink bike (but not helmet) at that age, back in the 1960s. Nice shot!