Friday, July 1, 2011

Wendy's Wild Berry Tea

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When it comes to iced tea and fast food restaurants, I would have to say that McDonald's wins, hands down.  However, with the temperature feeling like close to 100 degrees, when I pulled off the interstate today to get some gas, all I cared about was getting something to drink, there was a Wendy's next door to the gas station.  I pulled through the drive through and saw their advertisement for Wild Berry Tea, "infused with a natural puree of real summer berries," I KNEW I had to try it!

All I can say, is it is quite possibly the most delicious tea that my taste buds have ever experienced!  It was so good, that 2 hours later, as I was still on I-4, in the midst of the heat and craziness of Orlando rush hour traffic, I intentionally looked for an exit with a Wendy's so that I could quench my thirst with another Wild Berry Tea.  Two in one day, a repeat customer....that is the best review a person can give!
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