Friday, December 30, 2011

Adventures in Crocheting - Part 2 - Pattern Free Pot Holder

Pin It Continued from: Adventures in Crocheting - Part 1 - Sad Little Dishcloth

After snipping the thread on my sad little dishcloth, I decided that perhaps, I should try making something circular, rather than I flipped to the easiest circular item in my pattern book.

Yeah right...who was I kidding, I was going to need to take a class just on READING crochet patterns, let alone actually doing the stitches.  So I decided to venture out on my just crochet without being hindered by the confines of a pattern.

Surprisingly, the results were not as bad as one would expect, given how horrible the dishcloth turned out.

Here are a few pictures of my pot holder...just don't ask me to make another one because I didn't know what I was doing and I certainly didn't write down what I did.  :)

In the event that you might want to purchase this particular yarn to make something for yourself, here is the yarn info:  I Love This Cotton (Hobby Lobby brand) 100% Cotton, Color/Name: #70 Turquoise Pin It

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