Friday, December 30, 2011

Adventures in Crocheting - Part 3 - Handbag of Errors

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Bolstered by my relative success with the pattern free potholder, I started looking online for something simple that I could try making.  I found a little handbag with an online video tutorial.

Remember though that I had only purchased 1 small ball of yarn, but I started out following the tutorial and making this small bag.  I realized once I got the bottom completed that I was going to run out of yarn, so I put it away for the night and went back to Hobby Lobby for another ball of yarn the next day.  Of course, when I got to Hobby Lobby, they were out of that particular I chose another color that I thought would compliment the turquoise (lucky me, I got to figure out how to change colors mid pattern).  I also, picked up another size crochet hook and 2 additional balls of yarn (for future projects).

Here is the final has a lot of errors.  Truthfully, I still hadn't realized how important counting is in the world of crochet.  So somehow, I managed to add enough extra stitches, that by the time I got to the point where I was ready to make the handles, I had an extra 13 stitches in my top row!  AAAGHHHH!

 Of course, I had no intention of going back and fixing the error, so I did my best to recalculate where I needed to begin and end my handles, and the length that they needed to be, given my extra stitches.  So no, this bag is not perfect...but it's nice enough that I can actually give it to one of my young nieces, without having to apologize for it.

To make up for my errors, I found a tutorial on how to make a simple rosette and I added it to the bag for a little extra detailing.

OH, I almost forgot!  I now KNOW what a single crochet is!

Here is the yarn info for anyone who is interested...

  Turquoise: I Love This Cotton (Hobby Lobby Brand), 100% Cotton, Color #/Name - #70 Turquoise
  Purple: I Love This Cotton (Hobby Lobby Brand), 100% Cotton, Color #/Name - 252 Purple
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