Friday, January 13, 2012

Fresh From the Garden - Cabbage

Pin It While at my Aunt & Uncle's house last week, I got to bring home some super fresh goodies from the garden.  One of those items being Cabbage.

Often when I incorporate cabbage into a meal, the cabbage tends to be part of the main course, but two nights ago when I decided to cook up one of these beautiful, crunchy heads, I was going to be serving it to children, and I wasn't sure if they liked cabbage or not.  So I wanted to make it a side dish.  I decided to bake some fish and instead of making fresh coleslaw, I went with a cooked cabbage side.

I cooked the cabbage with an onion and some pork sausage, then added some softened Asian rice noodles to round out the side, so that it provided not just veggies but also some grains/carbohydrates.  The result was a unanimous success!

As the 3-year old put it, "Cabbage is good!"  Yay!  Anytime I can get a 3-year old to say those words about any vegetable, I consider it a job well done.  :)  Rachael

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