Monday, January 16, 2012

Hawaiian Themed Dinner

Pin It Yesterday around noon, my friend Adriana told me she had received an apron as a souvenir from some family members who had traveled to Hawaii.  She then said that she wanted to do a Hawaiian themed meal, so that she had a good reason to wear her new tropical print apron.

By 4:30 we had thrown together an impromptu "Hawaiian" meal!

Our menu featured a pork roast, seasoned with fresh herbs; a freshly made salsa that included fresh mango, pineapple, tomatoes, peppers of assorted colors, freshly picked herbs and some seasonings, garnished with fresh picked mint; rice noodles cooked with sausage, cabbage and coconut milk and a tropical inspired mixed drink that included tequila and orange liquer, garnished fresh strawberries and pineapple.


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