Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Around Town - Baldwin Park 5

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I love this top picture!  It's one of my absolute favorites that I took while in Baldwin Park, last week.  At the rate I've been going, there was a distinct possibility that by the time I got around to sharing all of my pictures from that day, that I might have a while new bunch to share....so, I decided to make today's post a long one and to include all of my additional Baldwin Park pictures...at least until I take more.  Hope you enjoy!

Some sort of grass....it's either getting ready to flower or going to seed.

Framed by the fence...

I love the dark blue color of the water in this picture...
and the fact that you can see a full reflecting of the reeds growing along the edge.

I should really save these next two pictures until I hear of a photo challenge with the topic of "Green"...
but I'm not going to.

The unique bark on these trees caught my eye...and made for some pretty nice pictures!

Resident's decorating their homes for the upcoming holiday!

A pretty path...

Neighbors....one house invokes images of Americana...while next door I am transported to the Mediteranean.

I love the stark contrast of the branches against the sky.

It's all about perspective...from one point of view, the tree branches provide an arial border to the walking path...and from another point of view, they provide a natural frame to this post-card perfect home.

And there we have it....say good-bye to posts about Baldwin Park...at least for the time being!  :)

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